Actuator sensor Interface


Actuator sensor interface is a field level interface which connects input field elements like push buttons, sensors and feed back elements and output field elements like contactors, relays and solenoids. The input output modules are available in panel mountable or field mountable models. IP 65 protection of the field module enables to locate any where in the field without a need of panel. Safety integrated Modules are also available . All input , output modules can be connected with a single specially manufactured ASI cable which reduced cabling between field elements and CPU. The system can be connected to S7-200 and S7 -300 systems.

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LOGO Modules



LOGO serves as a micro PLC with an inbuilt window for indications and inbuilt keys for programming without requirement of PC/Laptop. It can handle maximum of 40 I/Os and certain restrictions apply in programming which has to be kept in mind during selection.

Ideal  PLC for Small applications.


available models

  • LOGO! 12 / 24 RCE, 8DI(4AI) / 4DO
  • LOGO! 230RCE, 8DI / 4DO
  • LOGO! 24C, 8DI / 4DO


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Distributed Systems

ET 200 S Systems:

6  7  8

A compact PLC used in Distributed Profibus / Profinet systems where small group of I/Os are  located in groups in a plant distributed over a large area. The modules as small as 4 digital  inputs and 4 digital outputs or 2 analog inputs are available as individual modules at an economical pricing and  the ET 200S modules can be supported with an interface module and connects by Profibus cable or Profinet cable. This enables localized PLC systems near to field equipments enables easy monitoring and a boon to maintenance engineer. It reduces cabling between each input/output to field equipments and a simple Profibus/Profinet cable connects the system to Main PLC.

available models

  • IM 151-7 CPU
  • IM 151-7 F-CPU
  • IM 151 -7 / IM 151 -8 CPU

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ET 200 M Systems:


This is a medium range distributed PLC system with all facilities as mentioned in ET 200 S system medium group of I/Os located in  groups in a plant distributed over a large area. The expansion modules used in Centralised S7 300 System can be used in this system.



available models

  • IM 153-1 Standard
  • IM 153-2 High Feature
  • IM 153-4 PN
  • ET 200M Redundancy Bundle

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S7-1200 Systems


The Siemens S7-1200 PLC system supports a maximum of 242 I/Os and a delightful choice for small and medium range of applications. This  family of PLCs have got inbuilt profinet port and can be connected to any Ethernet/Profinet systems. Programming and monitoring can be done in the PLC from Desktop / Laptop with simple Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector without need of special communication adaptors. Capability range of this PLC system is inbetween S7 -200 and S7-300 PLC systems. Maximum of  8 modules can be connected including CPU. The CPUs are with on board I/Os. New HMI series of KTP (KTP 400 onwards) are launched with Profinet ports to enable direct connectivity to S7- 1200 CPUs.

available models

  • CPU 1211C, Onboard 6DI / 4DO, 2AI
  • CPU 1212C, Onboard 8DI / 6DO, 2AI
  • CPU 1214C, Onboard 14DI / 10DO, 2AI


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S7-400 Systems


The S7-400 system supports higher than 1024 I/Os and an ultimate  choice for large process plants such as Power plants, Cement plants etc. Various redundant configurations are possible making it an excellent choice for critical applications. CPUs with integrated Profibus and Profinet are available. Wide range of CPUs available to choose depends on the process requirements.




available models

  • CPU 412-1, 288KB user Memory
  • CPU 414-2DP, 512KB User Memory
  • CPU 416-2DP, 5.6MB User Memory
  • CPU 417-4, 30MB User Memory
  • CPU 412-2PN, 1MB User Memory
  • CPU 414-3 PN / DP, 4MB User Memory
  • CPU 416-3 PN / DP, 16MB User memory
  • CPU 412-3H, 768KB User Memory
  • CPU 414-4H, 2.8MB User Memory
  • CPU 417-4H, 30MB User Memory


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The S7-300 system supports up to 1024 I/Os with centralized or Distributed configurations. Excellent speed and good choice for medium and large applications. Wide range of CPU availability with respect to applications.CPUs with inbuilt communication capabilities to Profibus, Profinet are available. Failsafe modules and Redundancy support is possible. Fail safe PLCs are intented for critical application where safety is critical.





available models

  • CPU312C, 32KB User Memory
  • CPU313C, 64KB User Memory
  • CPU 314C,96KB User Memory
  • CPU 312, 32KB User Memory
  • CPU 314, 124KB User memory
  • CPU 315-2DP, 256KB User Memory
  • CPU 317-2DP, 512KB User Memory
  • CPU315-2 PN / DP, 384KB User Memory
  • CPU 319-3 PN / DP, 2MB User Memory

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S7-200 System


The S7-200 system supports 242 I/O and a maximum expansion modules supported are 8 including CPU. The CPUs available in S7-200 system are inbuilt with certain number of I/Os. Many CPUs are available such as 222,224, 224 XP and 226. Excellent choice for small and medium applications . Various special  communication modules are available for making system suitable for Profibus, Ethernet etc. S7-200 CN systems are economical range of PLC modules with CE certification.




available models_new

  • CPU 222(Classic / CN)      – 4KB User Memory, Onboard 14DI/O
  • CPU 224(Classic / CN)      – 8KB User Memory, Onboard 24DI/O
  • CPU 224XP(Classic / CN) – 10 KB User Memory,Onboard 24DI/O, 2AI,1AO
  • CPU 226(Classic / CN)      – 16KB User Memory, 40DI/O


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