Corporate Training

cororate clients Many of the major industrial plants in India having their Process Plants controlled by PLC Systems, Drives and the Process is monitored by DCS and SCADA Systems. Even the medium scale industries have recognised the need of Automation in the recent past. They started investing more and more in Automating their process equipments. Today even small scale industries are venturing into Automating their process. Automation increases the productivity, reduces the errors in setting process parameters manually, reducing breakdowns, improving consistency in process, increases the output quality. In Today’s competitive world Quality is the key parameter differentiating the products and hence Process Automation is the buzz word in the industry.

As the need of Automation increases, the industries have to update the knowledge base of the existing manpower, since they have to maintain the equipments and troubleshoot  in  case of failure and to keep the equipments ever ready for Production. This has  necessitated the Industry to keep continuously upgrading the skills of their managers, Engineers and supervisors with the upgraded technology with continuous training..

Recognising the need of Training , Automation Solutions have set up a Training wing named“AUTOMATION LAB.” alongwith executing projects and constantly providing Corporate level courses to the industries. Our knowledge and expertise in executing projects have given us an advantage of sharing our practical knowledge to the participants. Over the years we have conducted various training courses depending on the need of the industry and generated
many enlightened engineers. 331Untitled
The courses are organized either at our premises or at the respective customer premises depending on the number of participants. Many major industrial houses in India and Abroad have utilized our services for training their engineers..

We are conducting the following courses on regular basis.

Course title Duration
1. Basic PLC Course 6 days
2. Advanced PLC Course 6 days
3. Basic Drive course (AC Drives) 5 days
4. Advance Drive Course (Master drives & Servo drives) 6 days
5. DC Drive System 6 days
6. Human Machine Interfaces 4 days
7. Programming of SCADA System 6 days
8. Introduction of PLC to electricians 6 days
Specially designed courses are available to suit the industrial needs.


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