What basic qualification I need for Automation Training?
If you are a electrical , electronics or instrumentation engineer with Diploma or B.E or B. tech it is more than enough for attending this course. We provide the basics of digital electronics before really going into the course. Even the course is designed in such a way that an ITI electrician will also understand the course. Many times mechanical engineers from various industries have attended and benefited from the course without any basic electrical/electronics background. So if you have the intention we provide you the knowledge.
Is it a practical oriented course or theoretical?
It is more practical oriented course. Candidates will be provided with a PC and a Programmable logic controller to develop the logics and try with the PLC. Before every logical instruction the required understanding is given as theory and more focus is given on practical.
What are the teaching aids used for training?
We use Powerpoint presentations, Videos, Software simulators, Hardware simulators etc. for teaching. Our field engineers will share their practical experiences with the students. Group discussions will be conducted for sharing of knowledge.
What exclusive benefit will I get by doing course in M/S Automation Solutions.?
1. We provide field visits and live projects to all students, to understand and work with our engineers in the industry. This provides an opportunity for students to have an idea of how automation equipments are working in the industy.
2. M/S Automation Solutions is an organization executing industrial projects and we have the up to date knowledge of latest developments. So we will be able to share up to date and practical knowledge to students.
3. We have all range of automation products so that students can have the feel of the product.
4. We are working in the Automation industry for more than 11 years, having extensive knowledge of products.
Do we get job placements after the training?
We are in touch with various industries for executing projects and more aware of job openings in the field. Further we work with job consultants for providing job to our students. We also help you in developing interview skills.
What is the use of Automation Training to the Students?
The industries today use most of the automation equipments for their process plants which uses PLCs, SCADA Systems, AC/DC Drives and other Automation components such as sensors, encoders, recorders, data loggers etc. In case if the industry has to appoint an engineer only with a college background, they have to train them for atleast 3 months to 6 months before the engineer becomes useful for the industry. If someone joins with some automation knowledge the training time is considerably reduced and the engineer will be able to take up the task immediately. Hence industries are looking forward for an engineer with some Automation Knowledge. With training the job opportunities for the students are increased.
What is the use of this Automation Training to the engineers already on job?
Technology in the market is changing very fast but an industry can not change their equipments in the same way. An investment made on the machines today has to be utilized atleast for few years. But when a new equipment is procured, industry will try to take the equipment which is the latest so that the models and spare parts will be available for some more years. But the engineer at the plant will not be having the required knowledge to handle the incoming equipment with new technology. Hence to maintain a competitive edge with others and also take up new assignments or jobs the courses help the engineers.
Which areas I can get job after this training?
An engineer after the Automation training will be suitable for openings as Maintenance engineer , Instrumentation engineer, PLC programmer in service industries, Testing engineer in electronics industry, PLC trainer in Training dept., Sales engineer of automation products etc.
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