HMI Systems

3.5 HMI Systems
Human Machine Interface Systems popularly known as HMI or MMI can be integrated to Siemens PLC system. HMIs are used to communicate various parameters such as speed, time values are count values depends on the process requirement. The status of different variables or plant equipments can be viewed from HMI. Ranging from Micro HMI to large size HMIs, from Operating panels with soft keys to Touch panels of various sizes are available in the Siemens basket. TD200, OP73,OP 77, OP 177, OP 277, TP 177, TP 277, TP 377 are the HMIs available to name a few.
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16-199x150 HMI systems Such as TP 177A , TP 177B are Touch devices serves as an interface between the operator and the machine. These HMIs are connectable to all Siemens PLC systems and serves as input / output device to PLC. Messages, Alarms, setpoints and feed back status of any inputs/outputs connected to PLC can be monitored on the HMI with certain graphical capabilities. Any variable inputs to be given to the machine such as time, count value, Temperature set point, Pressure set point, Speed setpoint etc can be given to PLC via HMI.




TP 277 /377 /MP 277 Touch panels are user friendly ,higher end HMIs used with better graphical and dynamic capabilities where the plant operations can be viewed from the screen. More no. of screens can be programmed for large plant operations. Apart from the facilities offered from the lower end Touch panels more advanced features are inbuilt in these HMIs.



18-238x130KTP compact touch panels are designed to communicate on Profinet with S7 1200 or any Profinet connectable Siemens PLC range. This makes the communication faster and easier and available in various sizes to pick up depending on customer needs

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