The following are few of the projects executed by us.

261Supply & commissioning of PLC and HMI Systems at M/s Machine tool industries, Hyderabad.25

The PLC and Drive system is supplied to M/S AdvancedMachine Tools , India at Hyderabad , Executed at CHINA for Automatic rotor winding. The Control system consists of S 120 Motion Control Drives for controlling servo motors on Profibus with S7-300 PLC System.



27Supply & commissioning of PLC, Drives and HMI system for Biscuit manufacturing line   at M/S Coronet Foods, Hyderabad. 
The Biscuit manufacturing process line M/S Coronet Foods Pvt. Ltd commissioned during 2005-2006. We have used USS Communication Protocol with S7-200 PLC System to communicate to 27 MM440 / MM420 Micro master Variable Frequency Drives . The control is from 4 HMI stations located at different locations.


Supply & commissioning of PLC and DC Drive system for C.R Slitting line at M/S VIJAI ELECTRICALS, Hyderabad.
The High speed Cold rolled Slitting line has been commissioned at M/S Vijai Electricals during 2007-2008. The line is used for slitting CRGA coils at a speed of  200 MPM. S7-200  PLC system is used for interlocking and controlling operations along with 6RA 70 DC drives for slitting head, uncoiler and coiler operations

291Supply & commissioning of PLC and SCADA system & Servo drives for high speed slitting line at  M/S Laser shaving products ltd  
The High Speed Slitting Line  commissioned during 2004-2005 at Haryana for M/S Laser Shaving ProductsLtd.  The line is used for slitting the CRGA sheet for blade manufacturing at the speed of 300 MPM
. All major drives are servo systems and S7-300 PLC system is used with Master drives on Profibus. The line is controlled and monitored by C based SCADA System with WINCC.

301Supply & commissioning of PLC and SCADA system for two cement plants (Kiln &Associated equipments) at M/S ATBARA CEMENTS, Sudan.
Complete PLC System has been supplied to M/S Atbara Cements during 2003-2004. The control System Consists of S7-300 PLC  communicated to VFDs  for controlling the plant operations on Profibus.  WINCC is used as SCADA system for controlling and monitoring plant operations.



3111Supply& commissioning of PLC and Drive System for edible oil refinery at M/S Sreekumar Edibles, Bhimavaram.
Oil refinery system with complete instrumentation, PLC system with variable frequency drive has been commissioned in 2010-2011




3211Supply commissioning of PLC, AC /DC Drives, Servo drives and SCADA System at M/S Advanced training institute, Hyderabad.
S7-400 PLC system with distributed IO concept with ET 200S and ET 200 M stations networked through Profibus and Profinet  has been supplied to Government’s Premier Training network M/S Advanced Training Institute at their Hyderabad division.  MP 277 HMI system and PC  based HMI system with WINCC software is also supplied to the institute. Our engineers also visit the institute for delivering Guest Lectures.  This is used for training students of engineering and working professionals. We also supplied drive training kits with Micro master and Motion Control drive.


  • Supply and Commissioning of PLC system with HMI for CIP system for M/S Unicorn Industries, Nigeria
  •  Supply & commissioning of Drive panel at M/S INDIAN OIL CORPORATION Ltd, Assam.
  •  Supply & commissioning of Drive System for Antenna control application at M/S ECIL, Hyderabad.
  •  Supply & commissioning  of  Soft  Starter  Panels  in  M/s  Bharat  heavy  pressure vessels Ltd, Vizag.
  •  Supply & commissioning of PLC and SCADA system for PVC MOULD CASTING LINE at M/S Ras polybuild equipments, Hyderabad.
  •  Supply & commissioning  of PLC and AC Drive  system for pickling line and coil inspection lines for M/S BHUSHAN STEELS, Mumbai.
  • Supply & commissioning of PLC and AC Drive systems for steel annealing process line at M/S ITW INDIA ltd & M/S MIDFIELD STEELS, Hyderabad.
  •  Supply   &   commissioning   of   PLC,   Drives   &   SCADA   systems   for   continuous polypropylene process line in M/S ITW INDIA ltd, Silvasa.
  •  Supply & commissioning of PLC and Drive system for Twin blade manufacturing system for M/S LASER SHAVING PRODUCTS, Hyderabad.
  •  Supply & commissioning of PLC, DC Drives and HMI System for Tandem  rolling mill at M/S Kirloskar Cummins Ltd, Ahmednagar.
  •  Supply & commissioning of PLC and Servo Drive System for Marine application in Defence sector, Cochin.
  •  Supply & commissioning of Soft starter Panels for water treatment plant at M/S ECIL, Delhi.
  • Supply & commissioning of Drives, PLC and HMI Systems at M/S Sanghvi   Engineering for Wagon Loading Systems for Cement Industries.
  • Supply and commissioning of ASI system and drives for M/S Reddy Labs, Hyderabad

 And many more……..

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