S7-1200 Systems


The Siemens S7-1200 PLC system supports a maximum of 242 I/Os and a delightful choice for small and medium range of applications. This  family of PLCs have got inbuilt profinet port and can be connected to any Ethernet/Profinet systems. Programming and monitoring can be done in the PLC from Desktop / Laptop with simple Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector without need of special communication adaptors. Capability range of this PLC system is inbetween S7 -200 and S7-300 PLC systems. Maximum of  8 modules can be connected including CPU. The CPUs are with on board I/Os. New HMI series of KTP (KTP 400 onwards) are launched with Profinet ports to enable direct connectivity to S7- 1200 CPUs.

available models

  • CPU 1211C, Onboard 6DI / 4DO, 2AI
  • CPU 1212C, Onboard 8DI / 6DO, 2AI
  • CPU 1214C, Onboard 14DI / 10DO, 2AI


Refer www.support.automation.siemens.com for complete range of products.


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