The S7-300 system supports up to 1024 I/Os with centralized or Distributed configurations. Excellent speed and good choice for medium and large applications. Wide range of CPU availability with respect to applications.CPUs with inbuilt communication capabilities to Profibus, Profinet are available. Failsafe modules and Redundancy support is possible. Fail safe PLCs are intented for critical application where safety is critical.





available models

  • CPU312C, 32KB User Memory
  • CPU313C, 64KB User Memory
  • CPU 314C,96KB User Memory
  • CPU 312, 32KB User Memory
  • CPU 314, 124KB User memory
  • CPU 315-2DP, 256KB User Memory
  • CPU 317-2DP, 512KB User Memory
  • CPU315-2 PN / DP, 384KB User Memory
  • CPU 319-3 PN / DP, 2MB User Memory

Refer www.support.automation.siemens.com for complete range of products.

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