S7-400 Systems


The S7-400 system supports higher than 1024 I/Os and an ultimate  choice for large process plants such as Power plants, Cement plants etc. Various redundant configurations are possible making it an excellent choice for critical applications. CPUs with integrated Profibus and Profinet are available. Wide range of CPUs available to choose depends on the process requirements.




available models

  • CPU 412-1, 288KB user Memory
  • CPU 414-2DP, 512KB User Memory
  • CPU 416-2DP, 5.6MB User Memory
  • CPU 417-4, 30MB User Memory
  • CPU 412-2PN, 1MB User Memory
  • CPU 414-3 PN / DP, 4MB User Memory
  • CPU 416-3 PN / DP, 16MB User memory
  • CPU 412-3H, 768KB User Memory
  • CPU 414-4H, 2.8MB User Memory
  • CPU 417-4H, 30MB User Memory


Refer www.support.automation.siemens.com for complete range of products.


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