Students Training

As Project Group we continue to serve our elite customers and upgrade the industries with Technical advancements to improve the production and quality, we found great need for automation engineers in the market for different job roles like Maintenance engineers, Service engineers, Instrumentation engineers, 44Marketing engineers,
Training faculty etc.43

As the industries are rapidly growing with the strong foundation on Automation Technology , the industries look forward for employing engineers who are already trained in Automation equipments so that they can take up the challenge of taking care of modern equipments without spending much time on learning. But the present curriculam in Engineering colleges / universities offer very little on the Automation Subjects. Hence An engineer after completion of his engineering , finds it tough to face the task of interviews and there is a gap between the expectation of industries and the knowledge level of candidates.

In the today’s competition , to be in phase with the latest Automation Technology and to improve the confidence level of students ,we have introduced Automation Training to Students as a part of our regular activities. We also organize seminars and workshops at colleges,In-house Training programs , Group training programs at colleges etc.

We are conducting the following courses on regular basis.


Personalised attention is ensured byQualified engineer working with Automation Systems in their day-to-day life.
The Training Faculty consists of highly experienced engineers and Managerswho have first hand knowledge to share with students.We also make sure that our field engineers share their practical experience with Students.
A field level training is ensured by takingour students to industrial trips during the various long term courses. This will give a real time exposure to Students on how these Automation Systems work and how important they are for the industries to exist.
We employinnovative methods of teaching with the help ofvideos, movies, Power Point Presentations, Group excercises, Practical sessions and lectures by experts.
We use Hardware simulators and Software simulators with PLC and Drives
Placement assistanceis provided for complete Automation courses.


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